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The Legacy Continues….

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*North Carolina Music Hall of Fame

*South Carolina Music Hall of Fame

*Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame

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May 6th


May 13th

Strawberry Festival

Wallace, NC

May 28th

Wine Festival

Clemmons, NC

June 3rd

Friday Night Live

Belmont, NC

June 18th

Blueberry Festival

Burgaw, NC

July 16th

Shelton Vineyards

Dodbson, NC

July 21st

Clayton, NC

August 19th

Gastonia, NC

October 22nd

Harvester Theater

Rocky Mount, NC

What People Are Saying

     “Ken Knox and Company are absolutely fabulous and know how to perform for a crowd! Time and again they put on an outstanding performance, deliver high energy with fantastic vocals and sound guaranteed with their well known repertoire of songs. They keep their audience participating and dancing from start to end. Always, always a favorite for our event the 14th Annual North Carolina Wine Festival at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC held Memorial Day weekend and hope they will be a part of for many years to come!”

Kim Feltes Station Manager WSJS 600 AM

Festival Director NC Wine Festival


    This years Beach Bash event for Come See Me Festival 2014 was the best that I've ever seen!! I'm native to Rock Hill, SC, and I grew up going to the festival events for years. This year I was the Team Leader for the Beach Bash and our entertainment was KCO and The Executives!

    People came out of the wood works for this years event. The weather was perfect, the crowd was awesome, and KCO and The Executives no doubt about it came to blow us away! It was awesome to see the event be so successful and a good time was certainly had by all!!

     The General would have been super proud and I'm sure he was singing and dancing while looking down on the event! Can't wait to have you guys back in Rock Hill next year!

David Shrum CSM Festival 2014 - Beach Bash



     As a Chairmen of the Board fan for more than 30 years, I’m thrilled that Ken Knox is keeping this distinctive groove alive after the passing of General Johnson. And Ken is stepping out to make his own mark in the Carolina beach music realm and beyond.  Just turn on your radio and you know that a momentum shift toward the throwback sounds of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s is occurring.

     And Ken, who is as deeply enmeshed in that wonderful era as any musician, has raised the bar for others seeking “that sound.”As with “You,” “I’m Ready, Willin’ & Able” touches several genres beyond the beach music realm. The General Johnson/Invictus/Motown influence is evident in this beautifully arranged piece. And Ken and Thomas Hunter masterfully deliver the lyrical goods. This song is soulful, stylish, smooth – and definitely shaggable.

     It’s an awesome groove that will definitely have the girls (and guys) on the dance floor – and singing along.

Devin Steele - Steel Media Group


    One beautiful thing about Riverbend is there are other acts playing on other stages at the same time. For those that chose not to see CeeLo, a great act – KCO (Ken Knox & Company)– was playing on the Unum Stage.  Riverbend got nothing but positive feedback on them.

Bob Payne - Chattanoogan River Bend Festival


    Darin Henley Darin & Anita on Grand Stand syndicated radio show. What an incredible song "I'm Ready Willin' & Able" The second song out of the gate for (KCO) Ken Knox & Company following their first release "You" and also "Carolina Shuffle".  Anita & I have all the cuts in rotation on the show with "I'm Ready Willin' & Able" climbing the chart. With request coming in each week.  

    We have interviewed Ken several times always a Great interview.Ken, keep Knockin' Em' out of the park, you and the guys are Great. The Chairmen Legacy is Alive & Kickin'.  Can't wait for the next release.

Darin Henley - Darin & Anita on Grand Strand

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